As an author it is always lovely to know that your work is being enjoyed.

Whether it’s one person or one thousand people reading our stories we’d still be writing because it’s what we love to do, but we can’t deny that it is a wonderful feeling whenever we hear that someone has enjoyed our work.  We’ve been especially humbled to find out that WH Smith have included us on their list of the best crime authors, and even more special as the list was voted on by the readers. The top of the list contains some legendary crime authors (and a few of our personal favourites too), so to be rubbing shoulders with some of these amazing talents is a very special feeling indeed. Of course we want to thank everyone who voted for us!  We probably don’t know most of you but I can assure you that we are extremely touched.

Take a look at the article – it’s a fascinating read and a great list of amazing crime writing talent.