We are so excited today, because we finally get to reveal to you the new cover for DEADLY FOCUS, the first in the DI Jack Dylan series, which will be published by The Dome Press in November (ebook) and January (paperback).



Sound familiar? Well, the series was initially published by a different publisher back in 2011 and received much acclaim from book critics such as Natasha Harding, The Sun: ‘The husband-and-wife co-authors, who spent years working within the police force, make this fictional tale believable in every way. A cracking story.’

The local press and police officers, both retired and serving, were quick to endorse our work, empathising with Dylan and assuring us reading the book was like being back in an incident room, living the trauma of a murder enquiry all over again.

In a personal message Peter Hammond, British TV writer of such TV classics as Z Cars, The Sweeney, The Bill, Wycliffe, Midsomer Murders, amongst other award winning shows said, ‘Deadly Focus is marvellous. It’s both witty and harrowing, and the dialogue and characters are great. It also reveals so much about working coppers’ problems with the system. I know this sort of thing has been dealt with in previous police stories, but you bring a deeper insight to it without being preachy or pretentious. Most importantly, the police characters are believable and one cares about them. The mortuary viewing scene with the dead child is heartbreaking. In fact, it’s a difficult book to put down…’

Bill Lawrence, a board member of Creative England, previously Screen Yorkshire, wrote, ‘Deadly Focus was a good read and also surprisingly visual. It already reads like it is half way to a screenplay. It has potentially strong TV or movie characters that are real and not caricatures like others I could name, and creates strong points of empathy for an audience. The real strength is that you have been there, so the authenticity is important. As such I think there is great potential for a TV series.

Earlier this year, we were over the moon when The Dome Press agreed to republish the Dylan series complete with a new edit and brand-spanking new covers (spoiler: we have seen some samples of future covers and they are absolutely brilliant! They give a real sense of place taken direct from the storyline. It must have been quite a challenge for the designer to try to balance the themes and feel of the book, but I guess the biggest test has got to be designing a cover for a book about murder that doesn’t look too ominous, or too much like a cosier beach read? So it’s with a HUGE thanks to the talented designer Jem Butcher for making our book look so good!

We think our fans are going to love them. We’re delighted with them. They look like a TV series. We can dream…
As Deadly Focus is the first in the series, allow us to tell you a little bit more about it:


When a young girl disappears yards from her own front door, Detective Inspector
Jack Dylan has to shelve his plans for a quiet Christmas with his partner, Jen. The
Yorkshire community of Harrowfield is unsettled and its worst fears are confirmed
when the naked body of Daisy Hind is found on a bleak, windswept moor.


As the murder investigation gets underway, a second child is abducted. This time a
small body is found hanging from a bridge. With the press increasingly on his back,
Dylan has to catch a serial killer before another child is snatched.

We hope you like the cover as much as we do and the best news is, Deadly Focus, Consequences and White Lilies (Dylan 2 & 3) are all available for pre-order as ebooks on Amazon, and here are the links:

Pre-order Deadly Focus

Pre-order Consequences

Pre-order White Lilies

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