People go missing every day but in severe weather the numbers increase.

When Kayleigh Harwood, a young hairdresser, is reported missing by her mother in the worst blizzards Harrowfield has experienced in years, DI Jack Dylan and his team are called in to assists. Kayleigh’s car is found abandoned with her mobile phone inside but there is no sign of her. Clothing is found on nearby moorland and a search of the local quarry begins.
The investigation turns to a loner in a dwelling close to where Kayleigh’s car was found.
As the snow thaws human remains are found and Dylan’s boss Chief Superintendent Hugo-Watkins thinking the two incidents are linked call out the entire Major Incident Team, much to Dylan’s disbelief.
Meanwhile Dylan’s wife, Jen, becomes distracted and distant as unbeknown to Dylan her ex fiance is in their midst and stalking her.

ISBN-10: 1907565620
ISBN-13: 978-1907565625