The new seventh instalment in the D.I Dylan series. When brutality hits the town of Harrowfield and personal tragedy strikes Dylan, he struggles to cope with the pressure from both sides of the thin blue line.

Crime is a way of life for the Devlin Brothers. Groomed at an early age and trained as criminals by local gangsters, the Devlin brothers get their thrill out of creating fear amongst their victims. They have a macabre pack; not to be arrested or caged.

Brutality hits the town of Harrowfield when the scourge of the community is found dead, his companion slaughtered. The locals react with praise for the killers.

The same day firefighters respond to a fire but lose the fight to save Merton Manor. Amongst the debris two bodies are discovered; executed.

When tragedy strikes at the heart of his family, D.I Dylan dons the mask of the detective to comfort Jen.

Heavy with guilt and agonising grief Dylan throws himself into work.

A policeman’s role: to serve and protect but, as Dylan struggles to cope with the pressure, armed officers await his judgement call. Can he remain professional or will he release his anger?

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-910720-06-6
eBook ISBN: 9781910720073

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